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took my 432 for a 40 mile drive once, doesnt sound a lot, mostly on good dual carriage way roads and with an escort vehicle and reversing camera used as a rear view camera as the cars get so close you cant tell anyone is behind you...it was an exhuasting journey, they are easy to drive but the noise and the wind in your face and the sensory overload certainl made for an exhaustive journey, i eventually kept the girl to about 23-5 mph as anything more just became too noisy...was a fun trip all the same...although not my idea of regular fun...

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If I remember right a 432 Mk2 was a converted Mk1, a Mk2/1 was built as a mark 2.


No, although there may perhaps have been a couple of converted prototypes. The Mk.2s share the external air filter box of the Mk.1s, the Mk.2/1 has its air filter mounted internally. The Mk.3s (Bulldogs) are converted Mk.2/1s.



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