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Never too old to build a model!

Just finished this 1/35 Mirror Models Morris C8 Quad Mk 3



Its a beauty!!! v well done mate :)



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STOP what your doing! it was the stuff touted by Mr Airfix that got me on this downward slope. I thought I could stop anytime then  I was introduced to that foreign pusher Mr Tamiya, I was soon mainlining 1/35 kits and the occasional 1/25 scale one. Then I was given a track link and 30 years of misery followed.

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Great model Brooky.

I agree with Whittingham warrior that military model making was what bit many of us with the military vehicle bug and even led to buying 1:1 scale examples!

I often suggest that before embarking on a restoration project, build one or more models of the chosen subject and learn all about how it is constructed and assembled. Much easier in 1:35 or even 1:72 scales than with the real thing.

Good luck with your next project.

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