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odd bit of webbing


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ZA - Wireless


I think "Mine Detector". :-D


It's possibly for the "Detector, Mine, No.3 [Polish]" or something similar, and may have been renumbered from an earlier 'WA" piece of webbing. Maybe a back pad, or something to make the detector head a little more comfortable to use?


Interesting item anyway, is it for sale?


Chris (inveterate hoarder of signals stuff).


p.s. At ZA.227... it's earlier than Satchel, Signals, No.6 for the Detector, Mine, No.4, which was ZA.24242.

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Added p.s.
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not at mo , just want to know about it , had it 30 years or so .cheers


That explains why it's in mint condition. :-D


It is off the Detector, Mine, No.3[Polish] by the way: it's marked 'WRIST' at one end, so it's a sort of padded arm-guard for the (very long and counterbalanced) search coil - possibly to it easier to keep at the desired height above ground when sweeping for mines. (I found a picture of one on eBay[1] and it included that bit of webbing.)



[1] In poor condition, probably with parts missing, and decidedly Not Cheap. Piggybank said "NO!" rather loudly.

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