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Anything wrong with this picture?

Richard Farrant

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Richard if those trucks are MWs, I don't think they should have a hatch in the canvas?


Clive you are part of the way here. I did not think you were a WW2 expert? ;)

If you look at the tanks, they are Matilda 1 which were used in France in 1939-40, at a guess this is Spring 1940, all Bedford MW's at that time were aero screen and no metal doors. As you spotted, the cupola was introduced in 1943 if I recall, so a later version of Bedford MW in the picture.

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Richard there used two MWs (one early & one late) where I used to go for my MOTs, one survived as it served as a breakdown truck & then was restored. So got to look at them a bit, the other interest is that the RF RUC had nearly 50 of them.

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Never mind the trucks, normal procedure with the Ju87 was to release the bombs at around 1500 feet, then the automatic dive recovery system initiated pullout. They would not have got anywhere near such a low altitude, or so close to their own bomb bursts. The French Curtiss Hawk in pursuit is a nice touch, although it is very unlikely that it would have been able to follow a Stuka throughout its dive and pullout manoeuvre.

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My Daughter bought me an Airfix kit of may land rover and trailer, according to Airfix my trailer can float, yet the trailer gate and bed have holes in it, so not sure how it can float and don't fancy trying the test


Is your trailer widetrack or narrowtrack ?


IIRC widetrack has holes for auto baler have to check in daylight ,,


The early narrowtrack had brass 'sea-cocks' in every corner , so you could float & bale out when you are sunk LoL


The last few narrowtrack (manuf. mid-1970's) has a few details different on the tub (sides are lay-on & spot welded only). ISTR the floor has holes same as on later widetrack (I would have to double-check that on a trailer) , there are no brass cocks located under-floor. The later narrowtrack has a hinged circular 'transom flap' to poke a bowser draw tap stem-pipe through ,,

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