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Hi All!


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Hi Everyone,


Martin here, living in the Mediterranean region. Mainly joined here due to part-ownership of a Standard Utility (lovingly restored by it's previous owner, and a few times featured on Tilly-Text), and needing some help in sourcing new tires.


A bit about me, in my early 20's, I'm a firearms collector, my main interest being maxim-style guns, although I will never turn down an opportunity to take any gun apart.


I am also quite active in historic reenactments, and have previously worked as maintenance/restorer to a private vehicle/artillery collection for about three years.


My colleague (and Tilly co-owner) also worked with me at the collection, so we have a decent amount of experience regarding wartime military vehicles between us. Future hopes involve a war-time motorcycle.

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Good point!


Fairly certain it's current color scheme is post war, and lacking the roundels/some markings it should have. Looking to move the RAF lettering on to the doors, and adding roundels on the front/rear. It's a 1944 production.






Hi Martin and welcome on board. That looks to be a very nice and tidy Tilly, it also looks to be a very nice place to live by the looks of the weather out there.

All the Best Steve.

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