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P'58 Stainless Canteen Cups

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Hello gents!


I had small problems with the classification of metal cups to Patt58 canteen.

Tell me please, at what year stainless cup (8465-99-721-3131 Cup, Canteen, Stainless) was first included in the set of canteen P58?

On many forums write, that in the early 1990s, and only for special forces. Is it true?


And one more question - In what year did the army began to "official use" a BCB Crusader set light metal / PTFE coated?


Best regards, Michael

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Hi, just my 2p.

There was never a 1958 pattern metal mug, only the Black plastic with metal handle (and uber an rare Green version).

There was a metal mug named "85 pattern mug" perhaps this is what you mean? 

This was produced by Survival Aids around the late 80's before the crusader canteen cup was designed.

It was the same shape and size as the Plastic 58" mug, so you could store it the same way in 58" water bottle pouch, it had a removeable plastic rim, to stop burns on the lips, (apposed to the common electric tape option) however the poor manufacturing process left a "wriggly tin" edge in the rim which meant that the plastic rim was not a good fit, and liqyuid would leak which dribbled on to the users chin. A few years later the BCB crusader canteen cup was produced and the "85" dissapeared into the history of "almost but-not quite" design file.


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