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1/72 scale Spitfire PR.IG Diorama ( experienced modellers watch your backs! )

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The source for this diorama is my seven year old daughter, her second plastic model, which was completed in the first few days of 2017. The proud builder poses with her pink PR Spitfire diorama. It was bought and started early October 2014, a little before her 5th birthday.




It has been a long project, built during holidays and when my wife has been away for weekends. Most of the build sessions have been 30 to 60 minutes long, 'though some days had several sessions spread across the day, mixed in with Disney films and other activities. The original Airfix Battle of Britain diorama kit has been modified a little, texturing the base with fine sand and modifying the tanker, but nothing too difficult. Decals came from the spares box. Most of the build has been my daughter's own work, with myself lending hands and advice along the way. The builder should be very proud of her work, but dad is even more proud! ;)














Here's a few under construction shots....









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Have to agree with what's been said before. Don't think I could make anything as good as that (and I am considerably older than your daughter!)

Have you shared with Airfix? They have a 'workspace Wednesday' thing on the Twitter account (maybe Facebook too?) and always welcome contributions from modellers.

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What wonderful Dad and Daughter time you are having, as a parent I cherish those moments now my ow daughter has just become engaged!


Congratulations for taking it slow and making it manageable for her and what a cracking job she has done. She should be very pleased. I like how you got some figures a plane and a wagon all in one diorama.


What is the next project going to be?

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Every reason for both of you to be proud, takes me back 25 years to when I started my son on his first Airfix model.

All credit to your daughter Steve in a world of instant gratification it's refreshing to see a young person putting time and effort into producing something like this.



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