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Norwegian GMC CCKW's - anybody here who would like to save them ?


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If you are looking for a GMC CCKW WW2 truck then take a look at my homepage (link below in signature). Hit "Køb og salg" (danish for wantet/sale) and scroll down the page. Both trucks available for a fair price and they will be scrapped if someone do not pick them up. Its not mine and I do not even know the seller. Just that I don’t like restorable fine old trucks going to the junkyard.


They are located in the central Norway, so do not underestimate the shipping costs. More but not many information’s available if you drop me a few lines and I will get back to you. And no, right now they cant drive on their own wheels.


Best regards


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I dont know how much the shipping cost to UK would be. There are some paperwork too (Norway is not a EU member). The cheapest way could be to have a Norwegian company to deliver them to the ferry in Bergen and a UK company to pick them up in UK.


They are located near Trofors. Try Google Earth - I did that with succes. There is a small chance to wake the closed cab to live if you bring tools and spare parts with you, it also have licence plates so one could drive it away. For my part I wouldnt count on it. The open cab cant possible run by it selves - not a chance.


Best regards



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