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Car window stickers

Rick W

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In the late 1970s, A Squadron 15/19H were Close Recce Squadron for 3 Armd Div, with a large troop (8 Scimitars) attached to each of the other battlegroups in the division (two armoured, three mechanised infantry). In consequence, for much of the training season, one troop or another would be at the battlegroup trainer (BGT) at the British Army Training Unit, Suffield (BATUS) in Alberta on Exercise Medicine Man accompanying their BG.


It was entirely normal to attach some leave (or R&R) to your time in Canada. Many soldiers would take the opportunity to cross the border into the USA. Suddenly, back in Paderborn, there was a craze for window stickers, selling the ARMY (the stickers related to the US Army, but it didn't mean that many of them were not apposite to our own).


By far the favourite in Paderborn was "IF YOU AIN'T CAV YOU AIN'T" especially since 15/19H were the only cavalry regiment in the region (the local Panzerkaserne - tank barracks aka Barker Barracks was populated by 3RTR chav cav).


Also popular were stickers intimating who had shot JR, although the best of this genre clearly was British in origin.


Keith Michell had just had his lone popular music hit, Captain Beaky and his Band: a car sticker appeared declaring: "HISSING SID SHOT JR"


Maybe you had to be there. It was one of those annoying songs that got stuck inside your head and would not go away. Occasionally heard around the Infanteriekaserne (infantry barracks, confusingly occupied by cavalry, namely us, 15/19H obviously) were the lyrics amended thus:


The bravest animals in the land

Are the Fifteenth / Nineteenth ... and the band.



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