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Falkland 25

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Over the weekend, Plymouth had a Falklands 25 event. Lots of kit on show, and we were made very welcome by RN, RM, Army, and RAF!

Nice little trip on a landing craft out to HMS Bulwark (commando assult carrier), into the vehicle deck and a good wander around the ship! :-D

Lots of goodies to pay with, including Viking and BARV.

But no photos, not allowed! >:(

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Yes, no tools allowed as well :evil: :cry: Not often you get the change to play with such expencive bits of kit. Saturday the weather was good for the trips in landing craft, but Sunday we did get a bit wet with the spray.

On board I have never seen so many 9x9 etc all in one place!

I wonder what other places have done for the events of 25 years ago?


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