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WW2 Enfield 350cc engine

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Hi Guys,

I have just added a WW2 Enfield horizontally opposed twin cylinder 2 stroke engine to my collection - this hobby is certainly getting addictive!Here it is -




It was used to power the Gee-H system used during WW2 by Bomber Command to guide the aircraft to their targets.My unit is the engine only I am afraid,there would,I believe ,have been another 'cage' containing 3 dynamos/alternators which was connected to the engine by 4 swing bolts.The unit was ground based and sent out a signal which was picked up by equipment carried in the aircraft.The Gee-H system increased the accuracy of bombing immeasurably and went a long way to helping win the war.

The right hand coil of my unit has failed - does anyone happen to have a spare one that they wouldnt mind passing on please? Or can anyone recommend a magneto service in the West Country?

I am also on the lookout for a service/working manual for this engine - has anyone got a copy they could provide me with please?Thankyou.

All the best,


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I have a similar engine in a frame dry stored in the barn. I also have a crate full of Enfield spares. I bought them ages ago for rather too much. I never started the restoration. If of interest I have a very rare Scott 2 stoke military engine, which powered an Ericcson predictor. If your interested in acquiring either send me a pm. Jerry

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I think I may be looking at the same engine for a friend - i also have the generator unit.

the ref number is 42QX/94 (does the 42 lead number depict it was manufactured in 1942?

serial number is:   GTEI  540  c

may i ask how you know it was used on the GEE-H system?


regards Russ

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