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Hi From Suffolk


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Just to introduce myself.

I Live in Suffolk and have had MV's all my life, I learnt to drive on a farm in Norfolk in my Grandad's Willy's MB in the 1970's when I was 11 or 12 and before health and safety became popular!


In the 80's, 90's and early 2000's I had a nice collection of softskin American vehicles, mainly Dodges WC52,53,54,57, Jeeps, Harleys and Indians the trucks being mainly sourced by Mike Stallwood - but a healthy midlife crisis later and I have a very nice 69 Ford Mustang and very few MV's!!


I have just swapped a rough BSA M20 for an even rougher Willys M38 which I am gathering parts for, the intention being a fully restoration (father and son project) to have a bit of fun with. (I also have the odd Indian 640 scout hidden away).



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Thanks for the welcome.


I am just outside Kesgrave Ipswich.


I recognize two people so far - Quentin and Adrian - !


Quentin you parked behind my Mustang at the custom car show in Ipswich last year, your Corvette is stunning.

Adrian - I still see your old M151 occasionally, its been restored but need doing again now.


Hope to see you all at some shows, my Son is 18 and really into MV's as well as all kind of automotive fun so we are looking forward to next season. We are just finishing his slammed 65 Beetle with a Porsche 356 motor for next year before hitting the M38 hard.

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