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B-26 Marauder Hangar Queen - 1/48 scale

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This B-26 Marauder took three years to build, mainly because it is my third, and least active hobby. I never build a kit straight from the box, always doing plenty of scratch building, looking to get the most out of the purchase price ( in this case free! ) and I like to tell a story.


The aircraft has been damaged in some unseen way, possibly a heavy landing distorting the airframe, and making it unfit for flight, so it has become a parts source. A ground crew are salvaging useable parts to keep their own plane airworthy, though a number of other ground crews have already paid the wrecked airframe a visit.


I'll start with some completed pictures, then show a few of the construction.









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For anyone interested in Marauders, there is a great website hosted by Art Kramer who was a B26 Bombardier. He tells the story that at the end of the war, his crew could have bought their Marauder "Willie the Wolf" for $150 but the could not afford the cost of the gas and oil to fly her home! The website is at www.artkramer.blackapplehost.com


Regards - David

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