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Bayonet for Gew 98 Danzig 1915


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Apologies straight away because I asked this question last year but I have lost the answers, plus I now have the funds to buy a bayonet.

So please will someone recommend a suitable bayonet for my Gew.98. Danzig !915 rifle. I don't know much about these guns and bayonets but I wanted an example of a German rifle for my collection.

Also it would be helpful if you could suggest a dealer who may have one for me. Bayonet and scabbard to suit please.

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It would probably have been used with an S.1898/05 'Butcher' bayonet. They're not rare, so it depends what condition you want / how much you want to pay. Picking a dealer at random, Jeremy Tenniswood has three:




Although you could probably get a better deal at a militaria fair. Loads of info on the 98/05 here:



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You have quite a number of options for an 'appropriate' bayonet - the 'butcher' is just one.

I would aim to obtain something suitable at under £100 if I were you. Online dealers are probably the worst choice, in terms of getting value for money.

Instead, as suggested, it would probably serve you better to visit your local auction house, antique shops, militaria fairs, etc, to pay cash and to haggle.

And if all you want is to display it on the end of your rifle you might go for a bayonet that is missing its scabbard - in which case you'll be able to spend even less.

Happy hunting!

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