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The Cold War Museum

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Again focusing on alternatives ..and events it's worth looking at the governments own web site on - organising a voluntday day event . A can do guide ..this is a code that has been written and approved by multiple departments to assist in the running of events and . You may be able to pick a route through the guidelines .

a daytime live  music event for up to 500 people seems to walk through most legislation. ..so a live music event of the 60/70 and the cold war theme ..appears to be fully achievable ....back in the USSR springs to mind ..


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Jenkinov, thanks for the input, all options have been tried believe me but they have me on one overriding issue and it is that we are trying to fight...i thought we had won a while back but they are doing everything they can to fight it...its become a challenge rather than a genuine desire to approve the museum or not...the planners think its their duty to waste council money and time and fight the process...they are sick to to the core...

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