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As we don't seem to get Dad's Army in Wales on Saturday night, I got bored so here is a mystery object that caught my eye.


This is very much a diagram & is not terribly accurate but this is how it appears in the manual, minus of course the labels. The diagram is only a partial view of a larger thing. But the particular relevance is the presence of items A-D.


Field filtration.jpg

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Is it a countersunk screw holding some mystery parts together Clive ?:D


Good to see you Andy. It does look like that I must admit, but this is a much bigger thing. In fact it is one of those things that once the penny has clicked it will be very very obvious, although it may not necessarily help with items A-D :D

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Am I spending a penny ?
I dread to think what people do when they are online :undecided:



Thought it could possibly be a plan for tented lavatories in relation to rest of the camp ?

Oh no, no, this is quite wholesome although probably more dangerous.
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I'm now seeing the overhead shape of a Humber Pig wheel arch and position of foam generating equipment in relation to it ! Must be an obsession :D:D


I think you are getting into the realms of fantasy here Andy. No foam, no Pig but one answer you gave earlier had a verb which is a noun of a different meaning that is one item in the drawing.


The overall drawing is something that I think most people would have seen many times. Like those dotty pictures of dinosaurs etc when you stare at it then it becomes obvious what it is, or at least part of.

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Could be a kind of cone clutch,
Very good Bernard if you picked up on my clue of a noun from a verb that Andy used as in "clutching"


maybe with elect-magnetic activation type whatchamacallits involved..
Nope, far too complicated Bernard, the layout of this thing is very common & it is bigger than the two of us.
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