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Hello from Featherston, New Zealand.


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Hi everyone!


I'm Stephen, 26, one of the curators of the Mainly Military Museum in Featherston. My grandfather, Ivan, started this museum as a tribute to his late brother, George, in the late 90's. The museum houses both of their life's work in restoration. I'll spare you the details, but we've had a bit of a battle after Ivan's passing as to the fate of the collection. It's finally been resolved after 3 years and I'm proud to be able to open again alongside Alex "The-Bedford-Boys" - on this forum.


We have our work cut out for us as the vehicles have been sitting for a long time with a lot of weeping seals, perished oil lines and stuffed brakes.


Vehicle list:


Oerlikon AA

40mm Bofors

Ford jeep

Field cooker

MKII Ferrett

Dodge WC53 Carryall

Austin K2 Ambulance

Chrysler fire pump

General electric 100v Generator Trailer.

Ford GTB Bomb Truck

Morris CS8 Compressor truck unrestored

English Bren gun carrier

NZ LP2 Bren bren gun carrier

25lb field gun+limber

105mm L5 Howitzer (vietnam Era)

Triumph Tiger 100 Bike.

Lloyd farm tractor (made out of bren bits. I don't actually know the model)

M3A1 Stuart

M41A1 Walker bulldog Light tank.


We also have a Chev PJ Radio truck and a Marmon Herrington Gun tractor in progress, as well as tonnes of radios, toys and trinkets to sort through and display.


I know that I, for one, will have lots of questions and have a lot to learn. I most certainly have got the bug!


Here's a sneak preview from inside the building :nut:



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