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Hi Jeff,


I've had a look on my yellow truck and the buzzer unit is on the firewall under the centre of the dash but I thought they were originally to the left of the steering column? If mine sounds correct then I will happily post a photo for you.


I have three complete spare cab bulkhead/cowl assemblies which I can look at but it won't be for a few weeks as they are due to be moved once their new storage area is complete. I doubt any still has the unit on there but there should be holes and witness marks.


- MG

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Hi Mike

This all started when I removed the transmission to see why my clutch did not work right and flip the ring gear ,Turned out to be grease on everything from over greasing of the throw-out bearing.

Anyways with the transmission out it was just right to stand and check out why the fuel gauge was not working.

The wiring is all new but the lay out of the wiring is all wrong and plastic cable ties, my low air buzzer is mounted strait ahead of the chock and throttle cables,The big resistor for the black-out drive light was cable tied to the steering column support,way to many single wires going threw the fire wall and no grommets, everything WRONG.

Tried to see where that big resister bolted but could not find a bolt pattern to match, the only thing that did match was the flasher and I do not know if that is correct because it takes 2 people to install.

Even the wiring harnesses going down the frame front to rear wrong, cable tied or raped around parts.

I am not sure how they mounted them but think they used them metal spring clips that slid over frame.

looked at all the manuals and pictures, found none.

I will take some pictures and post here.


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Is this the truck that came from Army Cars?


If you think that's bad I'll post a photo of the birds nest of wiring under the dash of the GMC I'm about to re-wire for a customer!


I'm away at the moment so I'll have a look on my truck at the weekend and see whether the buzzer is in the same location as on yours.


Hoping to get to my spare bulkheads in the next couple of weeks...


- MG

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A while ago someone posted asking for photos of the air plumbing on an M1A1 bulkhead. I cannot find that thread but I promised that when I had time to dig out my spare bulkheads i would take a photo. Below are photos of a very original spare one and my yellow truck. Hope this helps for whoever it was?







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