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Ferret condenser options


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Any one have some insight on what the part number would be for a Ferret condenser? I am able to find ignition points at the regular retailers but nobody seems to have the condenser. Since my Ferret is burning points terribly, I thinks its time to replace mine :)

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Don't waste money trying to source an original condenser, not only will it be very expensive but it will probably be defective by now as they deteriorate with time even though they are unused.


There is plenty of room in the distributor to fit a wide range of condensers for various types of vehicle. I have used ones intended for Series Land Rovers.


There is some discussion on their construction & testing in this article (despite it being about Land Rovers)




But you must use an a distributor condenser (capacitor) as the article explains it will be rated to withstand 500v despite the ignition system working at 24v (well 12v really with the ballast resistors)

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Why stuff around with the points ignition when the Jolley conversion kit to electronic is available.

Set and forget.

Makes the standard shielded ignition system work much better and you can run slightly wider plug gaps.

No points or condenser.................can be fitted so it is undectable looking at the engine..........you have to split the dizzy to find it.

Transforms the B series engines and makes them more reliable.

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I want the electronic ignition eventually but the company is not responding to emails for some reason...


I purchased their kit for my Saracen (B80 engine). You have to tell them whether it's positive or negative earth. Mine was 24V, negative earth.


This is the email I got from Frank Jolley:


"Hello. Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, the self-fit kit is in stock.


The system is highly reliable, being magnetic rather than optical. You replace the points and condenser with our module, which is mounted on a plate. Our magnet sleeve fits over the points cam. You re-use the existing rotor and cap. Everything fits inside the distributor, so there are no unsightly boxes in the engine bay or wires across the bay. Everything is pre-set except the timing, which you set in the usual way, then forget it - never has to be done again. The existing points and condenser can be kept as a backup and re-fitted if required. We only use the highest-quality modules.


The price is £205.00 plus vat. Carriage is £6.50 plus vat. Vat is 20 % on the total.


Orders can be placed by email, phone (01886 880101) or post, and payment can be made by debit card, credit card or cheque in £sterling on a UK bank, or securely online by paypal (please go to www.paypal.co.uk or www.paypal.com) to my account name frank@classicheads.com . Please give a contact telephone number if paying by paypal.


Thank you, and best regards,


Frank Jolley."


I think you can pay them via paypal and they will ship it to you. Ask them about the VAT waiver, since it's going to USA.

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On 10/3/2016 at 1:08 AM, datadawg said:


The price is £205.00 plus vat. Carriage is £6.50 plus vat. Vat is 20 % on the total.



Just had a recent quote for a B60 kit...

Assuming you are in the UK, the price is £309.96 plus 20% vat. Carriage is £8.50 plus 20% vat. Total is £382.15. 

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