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cromwll gunsight

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i have a binocular gunsight for a mk 4 cromwell patt G372 ross london well thats what it says on the tin! sorry box. there is a set on ebay for £950 and my set still have the foam eyepieces any genuine interest let me know no silly prices


As far as I'm aware, Cromwell didn't use a binocular sight, though if it's the one from W&PR the box is indeed painted with "Cromwell IV".


Can this be used as a range finder?

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obviously somebody got it wrong and they were 30 quid at military odyssey just thought they needed saving anyway nice box and how much is brass making :cry:


It's a nice thing. I have to say, I wonder if there's an interesting story behind the Cromwell marking.


Is this the same one that was on sale at war and peace? That one was marked "Cromwell IV".


While it may not be a tank one, one chap I spoke to commented on the box being a rarity although he was passing it up as a better condition (but unboxed) sight was on another stand. As such don't give up - once you've identified what it really is I'm sure you'll find someone who'll love it.

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