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The second pic looks a bit like a door with a hinge bracket running across it.


Lauren yes it does, but appearances are deceptive it is question of scale.


The pictures are actually different versions of the same sort of thing. On the left there is no concrete, it is predominantly wood. On the right wood & some concrete/brickwork, although this only shows the wood as the concrete/woodwork could be of varied dimensions.

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FIRST is the drawing the right way up we know how sneaky you can be is it a shutter of sorts


All the correct way up :-D


Not a shutter Wally, there are no moving parts.


The drawing on the right is an alternative arrangement to the top of the drawing on the left.


The drawing on the left shows the structure sectioned horizontally in two places so that the view is compressed as it could be rather large to get on the page.


Similarly the view on the right is only the top section of the object. Both left & right views are of similar things but the mounting arrangements differ. The middle & lower sections have been omitted on the view on the right.

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Anti-Spall or penetration testing?




I can see what you are getting at Alec, but it is not that. These things have been used by all nations, but this particular example (& there are many variations) are British.

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