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Libya, Tripolitania, vehicles, barracks 1950s to 1966

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Farewell to you Lords, Ladies, noble friends and those few of less than honourable intent, for the grains of Tripolitanian sands have ebbed from the timer of patience and tolerance, some grains seemin

Hi, I hope you will excuse me for butting in on your site. I served in Tripoli in 1957/58/59 with X Plt TK-Tprs 38 Coy R A S C. based at Medenine Bks driving Diamond T units pulling dyson trailers. We

We are connected now ..... even though I'd not looked at this thread for 18 months! He has info, official docs and photos from me now. Happiness.

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On 2/20/2021 at 5:47 PM, ploughman said:

Blue Belle

I may have asked before, if so apologies.

Do you have any info on 169  Railway Workshop Squadron in use on the Egyptian State Railway and into Tripolitania.

Possibly with a location of Qasfareet.


Many thnks.

Hello Ploughman (and Lizzie if she's listening)

Whilst researching my own Topic I came across a small reference to 169 Ry Wksp Sqn RE in the History of the Royal Engineers Volume 10 which covers the period 1948 to 1960.  It is in Chapter IV Page 87.  I think if you were to look in Volume 9 you might find soomething else (too early for my purposes).  The history is free to view on line at this link.  Hope this is of some help, Jim.  RE History Vol 10.  

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Dear Ploughman, if you want to wade through nearly 800 pages of The Desert Railway, try this https://www.nzsappers.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/The-Desert-Railway.pdf

Stuff in there too, on Staniers.....steam puffers which may pop corks for some!

The website has been a great source of British Royal Engineers reference material for my RE research in Libya since I embarked upon my 'crazy' project...... have a good look around it.


This is the best place for anyone to start on anything Royal Engineers.....journals with much high-brow stuff and so on but unfortunately there are  no 'Sapper' magazines which are really really full of more useful useable information. Again I suggest, turn to the RE Museum.

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