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WW1 Peerless lorry restoration

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Dad is struggling and he lives next to it. I haven't seen the thing for seven months! Oh well. This forum keeps the interest going. Many thanks to all of our friends!

In the mean time, there is just a little more progress. On top of the front springs is a bump-stop spring. Unfortunately, we are one short and need a replacement. It is a cussing awkward thing with a spiral coil at the top and a square one at the bottom, all bent from 7/16" wire. Beyond my capabilities so I contected the Tested Spring Company and they have made up the replacement.


I sent them a drawing and the original and they turned this around in ten days.




I am very impressed with their service and would heartily recommend them!

Another small step.

Steve đŸ™‚

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Can't leave Dad to have all the fun! Now that the front wheels are on along with the track rod, king pins and stub axles, the king pins need some greasers. We are fortunate to have the remains of

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A Genie! Gosh that made me laugh. Nothing quite so exciting really. Here is a picture of the store room.

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