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Snatch landrover parts


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Hi all,


I am after a few snatch bits.


A drivers door in good/reasonable condition with glass and door mechanism.

Desertised snatch camo net

Windscreen glass


Hi Simon,

have you joined the Facebook group. There quite good a sharing spares at reasonable prices amongst themselves. There have been some broken so the door should be available. The caom net, do you mean a cameo net or do you mean the camoflage cover fitted over the vehicle. This isn't a net as such it is a thermal skin to reduce the internal temperature and was made by SAAB and is known a Barracuda so you might find it for sale under this. There was someone on the Facebook group who did have some for sale though. The harder to get bits are the window covers that fitted over the wi screen and side windows. Genuine drivers side armoured glass is unobtanium and the while you can get the passenger side expect to pay around £250. There are alternatives, some have had the correct thickness made up by glazing specialists but even that is not cheap. You can however remove the 'failed/misted' window, remove the glass from the frame. As the plastic film has started to fail you should be able to split the two panes of glass, remove the film and reassemble without the film. I haven't done it, but I've seen a number of reports which say it works very well.


hope that helps,


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