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Been today. Early doors the weather was proper Yorkshire, ie pissing it down.

Interesting array of vehicles, stalls & reenactors.

Very amusing bit of PE, with spectator participation & being harangued by the kilted sergeant from the "Gordon Highlanders" in the WW1 arena. Followed by a group of "Russians".P7090050.jpg


Highlight (For me), was the first public appearance of John Phillip's StugIIID. Had a good chat with him and he kindly let me & others climb all over it! Needs some fettling, track shortening, gear ratios tweaking & the like, but he's got a toy that's going to give him years of fun!




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Plenty more to see, a field full of Diamond Ts, including this one, that came all the way from Bristol at 25mph & fuel consumptions probably measured in gallons per mile!


A well-known Cromwell.


(Right, why's that turned sideways?)

A lovely Comet


And another one I've wanted to see live, the Valentine DD.


Plenty more to see, a field full of "modern" stuff and plenty of stalls to spend your money on!

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Yes, a grand day out - indeed, we went both Saturday and Sunday. Many thanks to Stuart and all his team.


We were pleased to see that the Diamond T and its Rogers trailer (plus Sherman load) was eventually hauled off the battle arena. When two Diamond Ts attached to the front failed to shift it, we expected to see it again next year, planted with flowers and made into a landscape feature.


Did the Chieftain make it off the arena. Or are the flowers on order?



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Me and the wife set up camp on the Friday early evening. Total nightmare trying to put up the awning on the side of our van but well worth it. What a show, never seen so much armour in an arena before. Good crowd of friendly people with plenty to look at. Made a couple of ferret buddies and can't wait to get mine up and running. Not long to go now as got the lights working at the weekend.

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Thanks for all your kind comments, the chieftain has been repaired & off the field. 481 military vehicles attended the show out of the 538 booked in. The show does pull in a lot of armour each year, with this year being no exception.

Plans are already underway for something a bit different for next year's show

Next year's dates are the 7-9th July 2017




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