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War and Peace Revival 2016, Is anybody going?

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Cadman did a REXIT ...... brilliant.

At least that made me laugh at the end of reading what now seems a very sad situation with the show. It amazes me that you buy the title and goodwill of a potential winner which has been streamlined over many years with a known record of profit and loss , yet make such drastic changes in winding up so many to prevent so many core exhibitors from not even booking in to come !

A good businessman should of read the feedback long before the start , it may of been embarrassing but they could of changed route to rekindle exhibitor support.

Of course now there is as expected mixed feedback from those who attended , I am told that the social media sites from the joe public point of view is far more negative than the normal moans about WC facilities and walking too far !

Where it goes from here is anyones guess , but for us in the South East the MV show circuit looks for a change with two shows all under new management and a fresh show upcoming... It will be a case of wait and see how they all pan out and are run me thinks, as to their potential future success.

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I use to visit the War and Peace show when it was at the Hop Farm and it was always rammed with vehicles on display, it is a shame that the new venue isn't working out so well.

The last few years I have been going to Tanks Trucks and Firepower at Dunchurch, whilst not as big as w&p this show is very friendly and getting better every year.

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Well I went as a visitor thursday, was suprised to walk straight in (at 0845!) with no q's at the ticket booth. I am unsure if I like the new car park area, as in the old one was next to the stalls so easier to transport items to the car, living history was roughly the same in my eyes'


It did look relaxed this year, but I did hear one vehicle owner say that when he approached to gate to go out for breakfast he was asked "where you going!" not "where are you going please?"


was dismayed to see so much space in the fields where there was usually no space to photograph vehicles. Suprised at the lack of funfair for the kids etc, also no helicopter rides. I also saw no "tank rides " either.


Traders, some noticable ones missing, some with reduced pitches also. More "tat" type ones though. (I did spend some money, some bargains to be had, I got a Martini-Henry ('303") for £350 so well chuffed.


Would I go again if on? Unsure!





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Photos? Well here is the official W&P motorcycle display that was located about 300 yards from anything else where the fairground used to be.......and holding half a dozen British WW2 motorcycles and, for some reason, a line up of speedway bikes.....and an RAF grocery pedal cycle......possibly also an SAS assault unicycle?





And this IS the fairground area looking over to more expanses of WW2 grass, spoiled a bit by a scattering of those naughty scammers' green vehicles......



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I agree with the Arena issue,you can't see anything of the Battle Reenactment once people line the fence.I managed to see a 50 firing from the American side and the Dead Germans coming back to life after it was finished,good thing Rick Grimes wasn't there he may have popped a few thinking they were walkers.You had that nice Banking before to Stand on to watch everything.Lets just take this show back to the Hop Farm.If that happens next year it will be packed and would please a lot of people.It would be a guaranteed success,well I think so anyway :kiss:

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Just got back from a week at w+p.

I had a brilliant time, the weather was superb.

The toilets and showers that I used were excellent, apart from today. The toilets were overflowing with poo!

It looked like they had not been cleaned today.


Numbers of mv's was down on last year by about 30-40%, imo. I was in green camping and it was only about 2/3rds full.

Walking the stalls it seemed very quiet, and the bars were also quiet of an evening.


I honestly believe the new owner will move the show to stoneliegh, and change the format towards more living history/re enactment.

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Hello chaps, I went for the day on Saturday arrived about 09:30 and was directed in the car park very effectively and had only one group ahead of me at the pay booth ! Staff all very professional and polite as ever ! First thought was the field we normally camp in was very sparse like the Saturday before the show starts really ! Walked around to the stalls through the living history area which didn't seem as busy as usual either ! I missed seeing the big stall on the corner with all the army surplus stuff at reasonable prices and GI Joe also ! The other stalls didn't seem very busy either for a Saturday ! I also noticed a few selling unsavory items not connected with the preservation movement ! The battle re enactments are only visable if you are at the front rail really ! The Classic car display was about ten cars ! There were three steam engines making a nice little agricultural display where the funfair usually is and an air rifle shooting gallery in front of the grandstand took up quite a big site ! The model display was not as big as I remember it in the grandstand either I also noticed the statue of the first world war soldier has gone ! I bought some paint from R and R and two little bits else where ! Had an enjoyable day with good company and then an easy drive home ! I'm gonna spend a day at the Military Show at the Hopfarm next month and then decide when to book my leave for next year . :cheesy:

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Photos? Well here is the official W&P motorcycle display that was located about 300 yards from anything else where the fairground used to be.......and holding half a dozen British WW2 motorcycles and, for some reason, a line up of speedway bikes.....and an RAF grocery pedal cycle......possibly also an SAS assault unicycle?





And this IS the fairground area looking over to more expanses of WW2 grass, spoiled a bit by a scattering of those naughty scammers' green vehicles......






I was there Wednesday & Thursday, two good days but there was a few more WD bikes on Thursday than the above pic, Wednesday I covered most of the trade stands, and Thursday spent some more cash and hit the vehicle side of things, must admit when at Hop farm there seemed to be a lot more .....


It was the intention to pick up some bits for the bike but to be honest the bits I did see were well over priced in my opinion, the bikes also in the pic were as said, totally unguarded...... can't say I'd be happy leaving mine there, in fact I wouldn't even in it present condition.


I was hoping to get down there next year if all complete with Bike and Van etc and stay a week, but will have a think as I never knew of the show up North ( was not so long ago).


Someone mentioned something new at at Hop Farm ? Any details etc, the venue at Westenhanger is ideal regarding train travel, Hop farm was a pain waiting for the bus, and the last bus left around 1730, at least at Westenhanger you can just walk out when you like, so not limited and always clock watching.


I think the German Army etc side of the living History won hands down to me, the cobbler part was good and something you don't think of until you see it, guess he would of been a busy man repairing the jack boots, think the guy in the German Army uniform and cycling around near the trade stands on his bike was excellent.


I picked up a few items including a No5 Mills Grenade, really nice example.

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At ne time being close to the Out of interest how was the traffic? I read that the French Passport Control 'go slow' had caused the traffic to be at grid lock for many hours for people going to the Ferries.


Not affecting access to the show if coming eastbound via M20 / A20. That all kicked off Friday onwards anyway.

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Hi we went from the first Saturday to yesterday and had a great time meeting old friends and making some new ones,it was very quiet at the start of the week( public wise) and Kitchener's was not as full as I was expecting especially as they had moved the very top area out.

As previously mentioned there are a number of regular stalls missing and more tat stalls some of which was a bit dubious test wise.

The evening entertainment was also a bit on the thin side until it opened to the public and on one night there were two of us in the jazz bar.

Our field seemed to start emptying from Thursday onwards and lots of people left Friday and Saturday with no bother at all.We didn't watch mutch in the arena as previously mentioned if you are not at the front it was hard to see.

On a positive note a bit of diversity is a good thing and I think should be encouraged also the off road course was good and entertaining once the public had gone,i enjoyed the time trials which were different but there was no bike run out?

The reason the other large building was closed was due to having asbestos in it and could not be opened safely?,the unexpected firework display was allegedly to be cover for someone to try and steal the safe from the grandstand.


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It's smaller, but I have to say I'm liking the atmosphere better. Everyone seems a bit more laid back and easier going. It's more like a holiday.


I agree, Also it seems more vehicles driving around after closing hours which I missed the last few years.


The toilets near us were very clean and I made a point of greeting the Gurkha cleaner each time in English or in their way (Namaste).


I also agree those 100% neo-nazi stands should not be there, especially selling "repro" Zyklon B tins. But that went on during Rex's reign too.

It did seem a few times exhibitors didn't want to participate in arena events at times.


TOP TIP;, A speaker system in the field to reminf exhibitors to come to the arena would be good, some people just forget the time.


WW1 seemed to be missing and the last few years less re-enactors. Some stallholders didn't come back of had smaller pitches. Didn't see 1 Sherman (didn't see the entire area),and missed a lot of great vehicles from the past.

More MV attendance means more income for the traders, more to buy for the public/MV owners, more interest from re-enacters, more income for the owner, well you know what I mean.


Still as sad before; I'd advice the new owner to join the forum and adress some of the issues and to hear the positives. If he can win back the re-enacters, MV owners and traders who stopped it would be a positive, guess MONEY is a main concern?


The weather was also a contributing factor in my view to my positive feeling as well as the friend whom I met.


So I had a great time.

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I just came back last night from a week at the show and I had a great time!


There were indeed about 30% less vehicles but there were still plenty left. Toilets were decent again and were cleaned regularly till saturday night. It was quieter at the stalls but I think that was mainly due to the weather... On Monday (or was it Tuesday?) we hit 40C and walking around the stalls in the full sun all day is very fatiguing, while the rest of the days it was very warm and sunny too. Usually I spend almost all day at the stalls area but this year I would just do 1 round of the stalls and return to our pitch for some shade & a a read, usually to do another round around 4pm. I think most people did something like this which might explain why there appeared to be less people then usual. I do agree a few stalls selling neo-nazi stuff really have no business being there and should not be re-invited.


One of the reasons for me to attend was to form my own opinion about how the direction the show is going. While there certainly things that need improving I can honestly say I had a great time and for now I'll keep coming back. Next year will be the 5th year of a 5 year lease of the grounds so what happens after that is anyone's guess, as there are plans to develop the area so they have to see on a year-to-year basis if the grounds are still available as a showground.


I do agree there should be better communication with exhibitors beforehand and there should be more publicity for the classic vehicles among others, but the truth is that without the new management this show would have died a sudden death after last year and most of us would mourn it deeply. I think it's up to the exhibitors to help bring the atmosphere, as it's easy to complain about empty fields while stating 1 sentence before you couldn't be bothered to bring something to exhibit.


Apparently the A20 to Dover was blocked due to the French controlling every vehicle that wanted to cross the border with waiting times up to 14 hrs reported just to reach Dover, so I took a slight detour and went via Canterbury. I reached the docks with less that 1 hr delay but because the ferry schedule was a mess had to wait almost 3 hs before I could board. By then the border checks were gone again.


Below are some random photo's I took with my phone, so not super quality sorry. :D


2016-07-23 15.49.42.jpg


2016-07-23 12.47.05.jpg

2016-07-23 15.41.20.jpg

2016-07-23 15.42.37.jpg

2016-07-23 15.43.04.jpg

2016-07-23 15.44.33.jpg

2016-07-23 15.46.47.jpg

2016-07-23 15.48.30.jpg

2016-07-23 15.48.51.jpg

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Hi , I was there as you can witness in the previous pictures , had a good time , but have some thoughts about the new organizing. First a lot of entrants subscriptions could not be found ? second no marshals to control the layout , we where in the WW2 field , but we were surrounded by Post war vehicles ? Showers and toilets OK , same as last year , so why 10 pounds extra?

Another thing that an onyes me a bit is that all civy vehicles have to leave the Field every day , and others just put a magnetic thing on the side with Bundeswehr , or ISAF, UN , and or Ford K `s with Berlin Camouflage, they can stay on the Field , and drive around the whole week.

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Don't mention that or u will get certain posters stating that their ford transit has just as much right to gain entry to shows as Daimler ferrets etc because their transit once delivered pork pies to the naafi !

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We got back after a week there on Sunday afternoon. Vehicle-wise it proved to be an "interesting" time. On the way down my UAZ handbrake drum decided to explode at roughly J5 on the M20. I heard a massive bang from the underside and just had time to think "what's been thrown up" when a banging sound followed. So I headed for the hard shoulder followed by the OH who saw the bits of metal fly out - and a police car who saw the massive fan of mud appear in front of the OH's Citroen. :) Had to be covered by the RAX as. although I could have continued in front wheel drive by removing the prop altogether I;d have had no hand brake! Once home I had to remove the Sankey from the bush growing around the nose, remove all the Stolly parts from that, put all the tentage in the Sankey and take all the personal kit from the UAZ and put it in the back of the Landie - then put the Stolly parts into the UAX for the time being. At around J7 on the M20 the red light ofr the braking circuit started coming on and braking got progressively worse. No sign of leakage at the wheels so a new master cylinder has been ordered now.

For the journey home we hooked the Sankey up, went to check lights and found we had no lights at all. So for the trip home not only was it done with minimal braking ability it was also done on hand signals for everything. Since discovered the IR switch has mysteriously inverted function so that "Off" is now "On". It was not a good year for the UAZ as on the way home a mate lost a rear wheel off his and ended up flipped over two carriageways. Luckily he escaped with minor injuries. :-(


As for the show itself. - the atmosphere between the attendants was the usual fantastic one. I thoroughly enjoyed that part of the week and as always it was with great sadness we had to pack up and go home. We have a fairly wide-spread group - Belgian, Dutch, German and Swedish this year as well as English. It was very obvious that a lot of people who were regulars were missing - both exhibitors and traders. Especially the heavy stuff - and the types that were there were also reduced in numbers. The arena events as printed in the program upset many people - all the usual events for vehicles, esp the Post War ones were gone. The Armour runs at the start and close were there but instead of the usual vehicle events there were things like time trials - instant insurance invalidation for most and model tank exhibitions. The only formally scheduled PW event was on the Thursday and was billed as "the biggest and heaviest" - make of that what you will. On the Monday night I did speak with one of the arena crew who said they were trying to get the old style program reinstated and on Tuesday there was an event for the Landrovers added. However the programs published on social media thereafter reflected only what was in the printed program so I am guessing the organizers put their foot down. A pity because this led to another group of owners saying there was no point in returning next year. Yes, vehicles were roaming more freely during the day - but even I question the wisdom of tracked armour trundling around with no walker(s) and the public there in full force. There was a general feeling that if you weren't driving tracked armour in general and WW2 in particular then you weren't exactly wanted. I can't help but think the new owners are going to be in for a surprise in 2017 when it comes to vehicle bookings.


Organization wise - seemed slick enough although at times there was a lamentable lack of knowledge as to what was going on. - marshals were directing vehicles that looked civilian even though actually military to the car park. The booking in process was a bit more streamlined - but when I went to finally book in the info they had was a lift of last years and not what I had sent in. Still had the OT-90 listed as one of the vehicles which really to me was a bit of a slap in the face. But in fairness the lady behind the counter was happy to amend the date without problems. On leaving on Sunday the traffic direction was very good.


Food wise there was a better selection this year with two dedicate food courts at least. Prices still sky high though - burger, fries and a tin of coke set me back £10 in one of these. It was cheaper at the two vans in Living History - breakfast bap and a drink was £5. Ice cream was £3.50 - vendor my daugher spoke to said he was embarrassed to charge that but he had to to cover the pitch cost which had gone up "a lot" this year.


Never made use of the formal entertainment - but the show laid on for charity by the Red ball Express folks was first class - two great singers topped off by a very nice burlesque dancer :)


The toilet issue - they were cleaner this year - the Ghurkas did sterling work in keeping them so going by the ones for Living History. However they were not manned 24x7 and at night the water to the handbasin taps in the only normal WC was turned off so it was impossible to wash the hands. Showers were always clean and most of my group wandered over between o4:00 and 06:00 to beat the rush. The portable Turdis units could have been pumped out a bit more regularly. At least a third were overflowing on public days. One thing that did jar was hearing someone ripping a stripe off the Ghurka in charge of the Living History loos for putting hand towels in the urinals only unit because it did not have sinks, only hand sanitiser and putting 2 loo rolls in each loo because - and I quote directly - "its a waste of money". Had I not been in one of the loo's at the time there would have been words with whoever was acting like an ass-hole because the Ghurkas did do an amazing job.


As for the future - 2017 is the last year of Rex's negotiations I believe. After that it seems to be open to interpretation - I was sure I had read that the County Council had authorised construction of a few thousand homes on the site but over on FB the opinion is that the plan has then been rejected and the site was still available and a lease arrangement might be negotiable. Personally I think 2017 will be the crunch year - if the organisers ignore the lessons of this year and continue trying to transform an MV show into a county/gun show then its the end of the road.

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Hi, Guys


My photos can be accessed here:



I had an excellent week here this year. Yes, I paid more than before but had a week's camping with great mates.


Picked up a pulley for my Jeep Jenny for £5, complete front exhaust new £10, carb seat £10 and some expensive, but rare items.


One comment for the organisers - please allow people to exit near booking in if turning right as it was a real pain to only be allowed to exit towards the M20. The little Co-Op was much more convenient to shop at.

Edited by REG
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I, along with a lot of others. Enjoyed this years W&P. But I didn't attend as Living History this time, as I have had a Horrendous year. With my Domestic situation at Home, & simply wanted to 'Camp Out' & chill/ Rest/ Get my Head together!


Which, with good Friends & Chatting with like minded enthusiasts. & did successfully. Took me 3 days to unwind, but when done. Really enjoyed the ambiance & Comradeship, that these sort of shows generate.


Yes, there were a few gripes to go on about. But these have been mostly covered by others here.

One of my own complaints is, that there were no plaques at all. For the vehicle entrants, dispite some of us having to pay to enter our pride & joys!

It is Traditional & Indeed, expected.That the courtesy of a plaque be given, for your attendance at a show of this nature.

It costs most of us a small fortune to get there. & after all, if you have no exhibits. You have no show!

It was a common opinion, that the new owner is geared up purely to take Money off us all & has little interest in what we really want. I for one say, if he moans about the cost of having plaques made. The Money wasted on Fireworks on Saturday Evening, COULD have been better directed to pay for them perhaps?................


All in all, I got out of the show what I wanted & I am reasonably 'happy' for that. However......If the new owner dosent listen to us, & take action to correct the 'defects' mentioned to him. I feel this show will Die!........


Beltring is Back on as such & I feel personaly. This will grow & take over from W&P Sadly........

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A very good chum of mine who has been going forever gave me his feedback:


Dull. Not enough happening. Poor organisation. Diluted show. But the hardcore were happy enough. It's their holiday.



- he does like his full stops :whistle:

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To be fair & totally honest, the new owner was going to get it wrong the first year after all there was plenty of hype before the show,as to how bad it would be.

What does amaze me is that Rex had what 27 years to get it right and still did'nt manage it.

I went from the first Friday until the Saturday (9 days) I had a great time. We are restricted to the cr*p field.....oppps sorry Kitcheners because we take our campers. I must say the showers when they had hot water were good. The gents urinals which looked new were also ok, however the throne rooms were NOT as good. Not dirty as such, but stunk, and oddly enough the wash basins were filfthy, not from use but from not being properly cleaned. I was under the impression the additional £10 we all paid was to have the ablutions manned and cleaned 24hrs. I saw no sign of this. The temporary wet weather roadway although not needed was put down but I doubt the effectiveness had it been wet.

apart from these couple of things I thought it was a good effort despite many people trying to "Sink the show" for the new owner.

As regard the number of vehicles, well thats down to us, if vehicle owners only visit for the day and dont take a MV then of course numbers will decline. Its our choice,but its a bit like voting if you don't vote you cant moan who gets in power, so dont take your vehicles and the show will die.

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"so dont take your vehicles and the show will die."

For us it is the hopfarm next year. Our (my wife, dad and me) disabilities make it hard to reach the toilets by wheelchair on the Kitchener's field. We use matresses on that same bumpy conditions so it hurts my spine up to screaming point.

That is next to the insults I got from the new organiser :(

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Hi to all,


The racecourse is NOT being built on, despite all the rumours.


See link below.






That doesn't actually say the race course is NOT being built on - it says there is a development afoot for a 12,000 home estate the area for which includes the race course:


"The new proposals have now been revealed as incorporating the land around and including Folkestone Racecourse - which closed to racing in 2012."

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