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Driving a gmc from holland to england

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Hi I have just done the deal and have got a Gmc, however its in Holland, its on the road registered and insured, I want to drive it home however I cant seem to find anyone to insure me on the chassie number to drive it on the road, can I drive it back on his insurance if he puts me on his policy in Holland?


thanks chris

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This entirely depends on the insurance company. Some are willing to insure it temporarily on a foreign licence plate, but you will have to look for a specialized company and in general the fee you will have to pay is high. Some insurers are willing to give you this temporary foreign coverage provided you will insure the truck with them for the next year(s).

Been there done that: you will have to invest time in investigating the possibilities and insurer's willingness as it is a bit of a grey area - despite all of us being in the EU (for now, that is ;) )


Using the current owner's insurance may be possible, the current owner would then have to "loan" it to you. But if you cause damage, he may then loose his insurance or discounts he has built up over the years. You would have to check with the current owner's insurance policy and his willingness to see what is possible.


Another option is to ask him to drive it to the UK for you! He could turn it into a short holiday, vist an event, etc. :-D

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