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I cannot post pics due to knackered camera and while rooting through various bits of mine have found what I think could possibly be a BFA for a .30 cal.


Does anyone please have a pic of what one looks like or a link with pics/info please?


Many Thanks

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These are British Enfield made 1919A4 / L3 blank fire devices but you get the idea. If you need more photos let me know.


Very nice, O have never seen one. Are they about and what sort of price do they fetch?

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Thanks Chris for going to the trouble of posting a pic.



Hmm,back to the drawing board then as isnt anything like that so obviously for something else.


Thats the common type, they're were others for 1917, 1919A6 etc.


is yours Yellow, Black or Red?? Can you describe it in lieu of a photo?

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There should also be a Short, round, Stop Block used with these. Fit's in the Belt bracket on the LHS when you withdraw

The Belt holding pawl Axis pin. from the first 'Open' section in the U bracket. Push the pin back in when the block is dropped

On the feedway of the trunion Block. This Item is to PREVENT Ball Ammo being used with a BFA fitted.


It HAS happened at night, where a 'user' has fed Ball ammo in a gun & wrecked it with a BFA fitted!

This item prevents that scenario Happening. As Blank Rounds are shorter than Live ball Rounds. The block WILL stop the

Feeding of Ball Rounds.

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