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Operation Bolero Photos & Vids


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Just got back from a great weekend at Bolero, it was good to meet many more forum members & put names to faces.


Thanks to Jack for letting me jump on board for the convoys to the airfields, what an experience, never seen so much kit on the road all at the same time (photos to follow).


don't think Jorris has stopped smiling yet after helping to push the Mustang out of the Hanger..



& riding on a tank...



Good to meet Clive & Neil Stevens, thank you for putting on a fantastic event, you just had to be there to appreciate how much work must of gone in to organising his event.. well done guys..


A lot more photos coming soon...


But for now...


Neil Steven... I like your style



Neil hitches a ride in a Mustang... think the grin says it all






Mustang coming out of hanger, bit tight on the prop...




Neil in Mustang...




Neil takes off..






Neil landing....






Vehicle pics coming next..




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Keep 'em comin' Lee (and everyone else!). Love the Mustang pass vid.


Obviously Lee, we missed each other - but I was only there Saturday and dashing about with Adrian Barrell most of the time - and of course a big thank you Adrian for all his help. It was good to speak to a few HMVF members - more chat and some beer at Beltring I hope!!!


As for pix, have put my efforts in a slideshow on my website.


First lot - general stuff taken during saturday :



Second lot - (hopefully) every vehicle as they left Hardwick :



Sadly the overhead pics werent as good as hoped for various reasons - mainly the weather and my butterfingers - but they give a good impression of the size of the convoy leaving the hospital at Horham.


PM me if there are any dodgy links!


Thanks to all those involved in pulling the event together - I hope the Parham show today went well.




PS At the end of Bolero1 set - dusk views of some GMCs at Parham , the one at the front seems to be getting ever slooowweeeerrrrrrrrrr...




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Hey Joris - you made it home!!!! good.........


Fantastic vids and pix from Lee and Zoomer Phil........


I'll post some soon. Got to start writing it up...


Can anyone remember where we went and who we met? Who am I??



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