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Some pictures from A&E 2016

Sean N

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Just got back from A&E 2016. This was my M3 Scout Cars first real big outing after a full restoration, 50 miles drive to get there, 50 miles of convoys and 50 miles back home.


A great weekend that had it all, long convoys full of Armour and big trucks crewed with people in the right uniforms, about 20 Dispatch Riders keeping us all together and blocking the traffic (thanks to you all), open roads, country lanes, small villages, a very good Ford to get our feet wet in, forest tracks, Tank Museum Arena, leading a Carnival Procession, a hog roast, another convoy down to the coast and lunch by the sea. It even had a few breakdowns nothing serious thankfully but just enough to allow the breakdown trucks to get some exercise.


The weather on Saturday was great, I met some new friends, caught up with some old ones and the general atmosphere was positive and relaxed. All in all a great weekend doing stuff which you just don’t get to do very often. Searching through You Tube is already showing loads of videos with no doubt more to come.


So a big thank you to Jack, Jim and the others who organised it all and put all the effort into making it a great weekend and Wargaming / World of Tanks for sponsoring it . Jack is of course saying that this is the last time as his sanity is sorely tested, so I’ll book the same weekend for next year then :-D:-D:-D:-D




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That's me stuck. I did it on purpose so I could use the A frame.:D A big thanks to the chap that towed me out. A great weekend with the convoys and the great meal on the Saturday night. And to top it off a surprise envelope with fuel vouchers. Very much appreciated. Thanks to all those that organized it.

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