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brakes about £45 for wheel cylinders, £60 for master. Shoes are quite pricy, but haven't looked recently. Apart from transmission and some body panels WC spares. So cost of purchase and shipping to take into account. Brakes can be finiky, but if set up by the book are fine.

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Body panels are hard to come by if they're missing, especially the rear bed. Repro beds are sold here in Europe, by a company in southern France, but it's a bit pricey, around 3.200 € for a WC62/63 one I believe.


Contact us for your other part needs, we're a company started and run by enthusiasts, just like yourself:




Goran Nwww.jeep-dodge-parts.nl.jpg


Goran N

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Hi Chris, I have run a WC62 for the last ten years with very few problems apart from being a tad slow (same engine as

3/4 tonnes) best place for parts and advice is Dallas Autos Steve Rivers good quality and fair price...no real problems that I know

of....just check the normal things and enjoy!!



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Hi Chris.

I would look at the torque links where they attach to the axles and trunnion shaft. The holes can where and parts are difficult to get and it is a big job to change the trunnion shaft. I did one for a mate a few years back.

Also look at the foot wells round the front cab mounts these tend to rust as there are 4 layers of metal and water gets in. I welded up the same wc63 cab this year as I did the trunnion shaft on.

Best of luck peter.

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I really enjoy my 43 WC63. Biggest problems I have had is, it is fun and expensive to install a new bed floor, and it was fun and again expensive to install a new wire harness. Just replaced all the seals on the transfer case. not hard to do.


That is it for this year, show season has started......



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Hi Chris,

Had my 62 for 8 years and had no major problems, as Tony said brakes are a little problematic but the parts are available so it not really a big deal, just a pain.

Still get in her and enjoy every moment, something about a Dodge, you just gotta love them.

Mr John Bizal at Midwest Militaria is the man to go to for bits, pay import duties unfortunately but his parts are spot on, and a top guy as well.

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