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Saturday 17th September



On 15th September 1916, at Flers on the Somme, tanks were used in battle for the first time. Shortly afterwards, on 27th October, Bovington became the Tank headquarters.

The Tank 100 event will be commemorating the centenary of the tank, the sacrifice of Britain's tank soldiers and Bovington's role in armoured warfare.

Please note: Tank 100 is a Special Event Day so pre-existing Annual Passes will NOT be valid. Special event prices apply, tickets are available now! Click here to buy.


On the day there will be a commemoration led by the Royal Tank Regiment involving The Tank Museum's Mark IV, there will be a British Army display and also a Tank Museum historic display of British vehicles.



At the event there will be a WW1 Battle inclusive of smoke, pyrotechnics, infantry and also an aircraft display from the Great War Display Team.



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