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Hi there

Can anyone advise me on the best paint for stencils ? I'm doing up a M38A1 jeep which had vinyl stickers on .


So now I've got the stencils just need to find the best white paint to do the job


I had good results with Plasti-Kote white matt spray from Screwfix, just do many light coats.



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Welcome to HMVF Chris,


I have always used good quality modelers enamel applied with a small piece of fine texture sponge (dish washing sponges are ideal).


The key to prevent bleeding under the stencil is first to mix the paint well then pour a small amount onto a flat tin lid or pallet now dab it about with the sponge and let the paint start to tack off a little you do not want a puddle of paint you are aiming for a thin even coating of paint on you pallet (practice on a scrap piece will determine how long you need to leave it) then without loading the sponge too much dab off any surplus on to a board and then using a light action dab over the stencil making sure the stencil is held down firmly and not pressing too hard with the sponge at the edges one or two passes should do the trick let the first coat tack off (use a hair drier) before applying a second coat.



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