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Keycards for Tillys, Jeeps, cars etc

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it can be done with just a chassis  number but it takes time l have done it in the past but remember the records for your period of time only applies to army vehicles and does not cover the other two branches of the services

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Hi Wally

When i mentioned, just some records, I meant they are not complete, I maybe a bit hard here as I rely on digital copies. So not compleate, not yet digitised?

and some searches will not produce any results.

 But they can be used to back up information you may already have.

i should add they are hand written and not always accurate, and should not be the sole bases of ones research.

and I do appreciate that they were saved.

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21 hours ago, wally dugan said:

it can be done with just a chassis  number but it takes time l have done it in the past but remember the records for your period of time only applies to army vehicles and does not cover the other two branches of the services

Thats my problem Wally, I cannot say for certain which service my Commer went to. All 3 services had them.

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And there will only be Key Cards if the vehicle soldiered on after 1949 ofcourse. (or was made after that date)

Below a picture of the other side of the BSA fibre protector of the cards, that must have previously been used for other vehicles, ambulances it says.

Interesting! Lex


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SOME were issued but after 1944 up to 1948 and appeared in the chillwell list  that   came after the list most people quote

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that is a very picture 21 AG Canadian? I have found that the contract numbers are missing for the Very small number of Vehicles I have looked at for this unit.Some captured.

From what I have found out about Census numbers.

This is just my understanding of it without going too deep.

These are numbers issued with contracts By the Ministry of supply (MoS).

To keep track of vehicles issued to government services, and in the main form the vehicles asset (registration) number.

I recommend that anyone looking into these buy Rob van Meel’s book’s,(2),

“Allocation by Central Census of W.D. numbers”

These books list the MoS numbers from 1-L6277385.

I also found.

Contract A.2939?

A6279538 AUSTIN K2Y AMBULANCE chassis no.incorrect.

(76 RD 86)

Contract 6/VEH/238

M6279622,(1948)       WOLSELEY AX4 CT.

M6279633, (1948).

( 32 YF 69 - 32 YF 80) 1950

The highest number I have found was,

this would have been contract S.3165 but the contract was cut short.

The Ambulances being diverted to the RAF and Royal Navy contracts.


These numbers continued on up to 1949.

These were issued to the 4 government departments,

Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air force, Civil Defence (to include Govt.)


For a lorry. WD Type.

L62576, Army, RN6256* Royal Navy, RAF6256 Royal Air Force,  

RMX 123** Civil Defence/Govt.

RMX 123,(MoS/CD/62576 painted under bonnet or located elsewhere).

**This can apply to any of the above services.

*Sometimes as Suffix.

then theres the odd ones.


This Civilianised 1942 Model Austin K2y could be from Contract A.1445,

or maybe under a special contract. Picture is dated 1944, London Registration(1942) and taxed.

Colour Gloss Grey.

I did Find a lot of Austin K2Y's after their 12 month warranty was out, were given civilian registrations for D-Day for the Red Cross, Although some kept their WD number, all a bit messy.

The RAF used a lot of civilian registration numbers..

ERM’s came in 1949.

I have seen a Royal Navy lorry still with its ----RN census no. In 1953,(located in the post war position).

So there must be a phase in/out period.

Examples, of ERM’s.(the number's are made up,Examples)

00 BB 01, Army. 00 RN 01, Royal Navy. 00 AA 01, Royal Air force.

RMX 123, MoS/Civil Defence (all services).

Although the MoS/Govt tended to use Middlesex Registration Numbers.
I have found civilian numbers used

i.e. Shown as ERM on the data plate.

Rebuilt and overseas service, change of Service Arm, can mess things up a bit.

 Handed out for Civilian use (registration)

Useful contacts.

Also on the RLC web site.

Also Merlin Archive, for the newer Vehicles (very few old ones).

Free PDF.(big file long download).

Kithead trust for the Civil numbers, free for email questions.

Ten pounds for a paper copy.

Australian War Memorial,  “What’s my ARN?” Free PDF.

(27 volumes.) Covers some British ERM’s, and WD numbers,

that came to Australia though wartime and on.

So if you have an old MV, the civil registration that is on it, maybe its service number.

Be carful when rubbing down.




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more information,TYPOS
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