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They're very similar vehicles, but not a lot is really interchangeable. Due to the relative size differences, none of the running gear or panels can be swapped, some engine components, storage bins and electrical gear can.

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Hi, Hope someone might enlighten me as to what parts on Saracens are interchangeable with ferret parts?





It might be easier for people to answer this question if you provide additional detail on what you're after or particular area of interest. The only way to really know is sit side by side with parts books... I was looking at the Saracen parts book and was amazed how different things are depending on MK in question. I'm not even sure if parts are truly interchangeable from one Saracen to the next, especially considering a lot of modifications were made across the decades. Simple example, my Saracen didn't have a door key, I finally got one from England, and to my infinite consternation the key wouldn't work. The key -- essentially a square tube attached to a handle -- was made for a regular Saracen. Mine is uparmored, so the well into which the key must fit is much deeper, since the armor plate adds thickness to the door. Alas, the key I got wasn't reaching the square peg inside the well, and without reaching the peg, you can't turn the mechanism. Bottom line, even if the turret, say, from a Ferret is supposed to be the same as the turret from a Saracen, I would not bet my life that a particular turret will interchange with every model.

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My rear door key is a 1/2" ratchet extension bar with a handle welded to the end of it. It works well.





Terry, that is really weird. My key is way bigger than a 1/2" extension, as can be seen in photo below (1/2" extension is on the left, Saracen key is on the right). When I measure inside key, it's about 5/8" (second photo). Sort of proves the point, that many of the parts might be different even across the same vehicle type!!




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