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fear not, it has not been forgotten about, its in my dads shed and he is tinkering with the old girl slowly, its about ready to drive, all the scammel coupling gear is on, cab is finished, seats and steering box all in, new floor made etc.


once my GTB is finished the Bedford will be moved into the workshop to be finished off, my excitement for the GTB mean the Bedford was sidelined, sad i know.


hopefully in the new year i will have some more updates and pictures.

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Good to hear. I bought one last Saturday. Needs a rewire and two tyres and rear wheel arches and the trailer needs new timber on the deck, a rewire and two wheel arches. Even the paints good. Drives like a dream. Been sitting under a canvas in a field for a few years but it's beautiful. Even the brakes are good. Took 15 minutes to get it going, sweet as a nut. Can't wait to get my Jeep on the trailer and off to the shows next year. Gotta get me a manual for it but hey ho. I'll drop on. Looking forward to the continuation of your rebuild.



AKA. Kern from Stoke.

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So the Bedford work has once again commenced!!! just a short 2 year break!


finished all the braking system today, bled the brakes and adjusted the shoes. also have fitted rear half shafts and repaired a puncture (how did that happen!?!?!), also started sorting out the the handbrakes and cables etc.

Next on the agenda is to get the bedford running, we did give it a go a couple of years ago but never got it running properly and then the GTB took over!!!


i will get some pics next week.



BEDFORD owners - any chance of a picture of the steering drag link and pitman arm? i have a feeling that something is bent as the drag link seems to be at a very sharp angle and fouls the shock absorber on full lock.



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The Bedford breathed life today for the first time since 1966 (at least!) and moved 20 yards under its own power:-)


Also picked up a lovely scammel trailer for it, happy days.


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fired it up today and gave it a good test drive :banana:


done a few jobs to it recently like sorting out the steering arms and track rod, made all new battery cables and wired in the original battery isolator, mounted the radiator and sorted out the odd water leak! repaired leaking rear diff gasket and finished the handbrake rods up.


going to finish up all the chassis work then remove the cab for the final repairs and paint.




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  • 3 weeks later...

Progress is being made on the bedford in between the other jobs.


Have made the new Splash shields for the engine bay and fitted them, also got the air filter and breather pipes mounted. Then sorted all the throttle linkages so i can now drive it properly.

Work has now started on the rear mud guards, the originals were well beyond repair so new ones are being made to the same spec, the lights on the truck must have been upgraded in the fifties from a single tail lamp to full lights and indicators with convoy light etc so were going with that set up. The convoy lamp/tail lights have a bakelite switch on the chassis for switching over and the trailer lights were upgraded to have the nato socket, its got to be better than the original brass contact strips for the trailer lights.


next is to repair and fit the front end once the mud guards are finished.





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had to move the trailer today to its new home, it was a good excuse to try the coupling and give it a run around the farm:-D



had a few little adjustments to make before it would couple up correctly but it then worked fine, so we stripped the wood off the trailer to get it ready for blasting.





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Finally finished the cab, took a lot more than expected as there were a lot of very bad repairs hidden under fiberglass and filler! so much for it being blasted and painted by the dealer that supplied it more like bodged up and blown over!! still got there in the end and lesson learnt.


hopefully will get the cab back on next week



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