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Require pictures of 90FFRs as used in the Gulf War


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As above, rebuilding my brothers FFR 90 which served in Gulf War 1. Its going sand but would like to know what they actually looked like in service (markings, equipment etc). Can find bugger all on google, plenty 110s and leafers but not so much 90s, any pictures and advice would be greatly appreciated,




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I had an Uaz 469 as my second car for 10 years. Tried for the Haynes, "Cars of the Soviet Union", cover price £30. Currently available on Amazon at £226.58! I presume someone must pay that sort of money or the dealers wouldn't think they could get it. Won't be me though! I had the book on Land Rovers in the Gulf as well - gave that to a friend! Ho hum!

10 68

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