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0.5 cal Browning MG front sight hood


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I wonder if anyone can help? A few weeks ago I acquired a deactivated Browning 0.5 cal MG for use on my MV however it is missing a front sight hood. Firstly, if anyone has any leads on where I might buy one, I’d be grateful for any information.


However, given it might take me a while to find a genuine one, I thought that in the interim I might make one. Would anybody be prepared to supply me with the basic measurements for the front sight hood? I can gauge some of them from the front sight mounting point, however the height of the hood especially would be useful to know.

And lastly.. anyone know a good (and hopefully) cheap source of inert 0.5cal belt ammunition?

See attached for the part I am talking about..m2hood.jpg


Any help much appreciated..





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