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Comet A34 mk1 model A T335252


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Hi we are currently restoring a Comet tank. This Comet is built by Leyland under contract M9707 in March 1945 and given the makers number B2-563 W.D.N T335252.

The Comet has been used by British Forces during the WW-II and after the war with the post war registration 14-ZR-34. It remained in service till the early sixties. At 13 October 1964 it was transfered from the Royal Armoured Corps to the Royal Army Medical Corps, were it probably was used as a Gate Guard. After this the Comet was stationed outside the Sennelager Barracks close to Paderborn in Germany. In 1994 it was recovered and partly restored and now it is back again in restoration to complete and perseve this lovely tank.


Interesting to note that according to the makers plate it is a Mk 1 model A version, but it has the older style turret with the improved comander cupola ring (stronger), which I believe is a model B feature or am I incorrect and is also A related? There could also be the possiblity that the turret was replaced during it's service due to damage on the original turret?


Would anyone have more information on this Comet? Would be lovely to find at which regiment it served or that there are any pictures from even, could be a change that there are some post-war pictures (14 ZR 34) or when it was a Gate Guard.






We have more picture of the restoration on our facebook page or website





Kind regards Ivo

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