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G'day from Ipswich, Australia.


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Jarrod here, from sunny Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.


I discovered this forum by a link to a WW1 vehicle rebuild here on the Australian HCVC forum; one of the Goslings' trucks.

I wish to keep up with the restorations as detailed on the HMVF, while mostly keeping quiet, post-wise.


Personally, I have restored a c.1957 International ASW120 4x4 pickup / ute, ( US model is S120 4x4) although I'm unsure if the military used any. This is on full registration and regularly driven, along with a 1951 Studebaker Champion sedan, which doubles as the family's second car.


Militarily, I'm most interested in WW2 Studebakers, Internationals and the recreation from scant parts of WW1 trucks.


Thanks for letting me in, Jarrod.

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G'day Jarrod,


Im pretty sure the ASW120 was never used by the ADF, however the Inter AB130 was used in Vietnam by the Engineers as a tipper. Commonly known as the teaspoon tipper. My advice, go a Daimler Ferret. You will never be board and it will bring you a whole new level of self discipline and problem solving skills. I'm just about to start an Inter AB130. I stripped it down last week and dragged the cab into the Shed yesterday. While dragging it the last distance up the drive way, I used logs to roll it. I gained a new appreciation for the Egyptians and their pyramids. An inter cab is bloody heavy, even with the doors and internals missing.


Regards, Tim from Cairns FNQ

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