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Tiger Replica at AAAM


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In case you haven't seen this, it's really pretty cool what these guys are doing. One of the tiger I props from Fury has found it's way "down Undah" and is being turned into a running Replica. They are going quite a bit further with it than the replica built for the Russian movie White Tiger .


Mainly, I see a pretty authentic looking torsion bar suspension (from a T55?) that will hold the correct overlapping road-wheels and original looking drive mechanism. By using a scratch built chassis box, it will prevent the too narrow & too tall issue you see with the T55-tiger replicas they used on Private Rryan.


should be a nice addition to their Panther under restoration .




for a Replica , that is some pretty convincing plate on the chassis, 2cm thick?

Tiger 1 Replica AAAM.jpg

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suspension all done and sitting on it's properly laid out interleaved wheels. Turbocharged Swedish V8 diesel first run



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