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First question is whether it has a 12V or 24V electrical system - if the latter it was Fitted For Radio (FFR) (actually I think Tithonous FFR may be split with 12V automotive and 24V radio systems using a separate 24V alternator? I am sure someone will confirm!). If it entered service prior to about 2005 and was 24V it would have had a battery box with 4x12V batteries at the front of the load area with a radio bench on top which had 5 locations for up to 5 Clansman base/mobile radios (UK/VRC-353 VHF and UK/VRC-321 HF). There were a large number of radio fits for different specific roles - in general ones with HF radios can be identified post release by the presence of side antenna stalks which are otherwise only needed if 3 or more VHF sets were fitted.


If it is purely 12V it was GS (General Service) and would have had at most "clip in" facilities for backpack radios and a battery charger without the radio table (my GS90 does have the base plates for wing boxes so probably had 2 clip-in UK/PRC-352s in service).


After 2005 it would have been refitted with Bowman - in many cases a clue is the presence of a centre rooftop antenna in the hard top (or drilling where it used to be).


There is not much public information on Bowman yet - nearly all the dozens of Clansman fits are documented by EMERs - google for "clansman into landrover" to find many sources free or to buy.





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