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CAA propose some increases of a 100% for Air Shows and historic aircraft operators.


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The new proposals (Consultation Document) by the CAA to increase charges by an inordinate 100% will impose huge additional costs on airshows and aircraft operators which could potentially threaten their existence. If you enjoy seeing historic classic aircraft flying in the UK skies and at the few remaining air shows we have in this country then please could you sign the petition below to show your support for this hike in charges to be reconsidered.. ....


Sign Petition here: http://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/120628


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Unfortunately the campaign against aviation (CAA) is totally self funding.


Therefore the cost will go up due to the extra reviews that they will have to do to cover their collective arses.


The fact the headquarters is a at gatwick airport and could be anywhere in the UK obviously bares no relationship to there costs.


My take on it is why should tax payers cover the costs of airshows... You want an airshow you pay for it..

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That should be read in conjunction with CAP1371, which explains the extra work they believe needs to be done to ensure safety after the Shoreham crash:




The AAIB interim report into the Shoreham crash makes sobering reading and explains why the CAA are reacting in the way they are:





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