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M9 45 ton trailer

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Hello all

Some day I will start restoring my M9 and need help with a few things.

How can you tell who made it ?

Is there a serial stamped on the frame ?

I can not find a picture of the data plate in the manuals ,I need a nice clear picture of one. I am going to try acid etching.



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The trailer i have is ex Italian i believe, back to the UK via Army Cars with the extra side extensions cut off.

The only data plate is a small bronze on with the name of the overhaul firm from Italy on it in 1963, so I to, am very interested

if there is a serial number stamped on the chassis and where to look.


Picture attached, if anyone can assist, that would be great

(ignore the body, not dead, just looking for a serial number)







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Hello Jeff


had chance at the weekend to get to my trailer, attached is the Italian rebuilt plate and with your help, i uncovered

the number stamped into the front dolly.

FW 1245

Is there a register or serial number list for these trailers that have the FW numbers in??

cheers Steve MACC DT




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Hi Steve

I have just about every manual or book about these trucks and trailers. The two best are; DIAMOND T type 980/981 by Les Freathy & Robin Pearson and Diamond T 980/981 The M19 tank-transporter train in British Army Service by Pat Ware,I think these guys are on this site.

Pat Ware's book has some information on the trailers,It shows Contract and Census numbers but nothing about serial numbers.

I was hoping to stir the pot when I posted in the : http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?7379-Diamond-T-Gallery/page130

I would like to know what FW stands for. Another question I have is why is there such a big difference in your number and mine. Are you sure about your number?

There are very few of these rig's over here but there seems to be many on your side of the pond, Maybe you could encourage a few of them to open up and talk, I think they could answer just about anything about the M19 and once they are gone we will never find the information we want. They must have had to dig to find the information (contract & census numbers) to write these books so maybe they also found lists of the serial numbers.


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