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CCKW clothing

Nick Bombini

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Jacks signed off for the weekend, so I'll try to answer for him. Bills clothing is a real inspiration and a wonderful work piece of work, I will proudly wear one and support his site. I'm sure many others this side of the pond will want to do the same. But you have to remember that Bills excellent site is dedicated to the CCKW and its likes, this site is of a far more general nature, and Jack already has the wheels in motion to offer a similar thing here, but of course bearing the HMVF logo.


We are still a few weeks away at the moment.


Having said that Jack and I discussed shipping a few, and I spoke to Bill of CCKW.Org only today, re the possibilities of a group order.


We all agree that it will have to be on a Pre-order basis, if only because of sizing. A multi order should reduce p&p significantly.


So I'm up for a Fat B****** 44 chest.


Who else. speak up

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