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The Yorkshire Wartime Experience Show 8-10th July 2016 http://www.ywe-event.info Hunsworth Lane, Hunsworth Bradford BD4 6RN Only 2 miles from junction 26 M62 motorway. Now the North of England's largest military show. With over 400 military vehicles, 50+ Re-enactment Groups, 50+ Military/Vintage stalls, Large scale ww1 & ww2 Re-enactment Battles, BBMF flying displays, Static Wartime Aircraft, Large Marquee c/w Bar & food outlets, 1940s Entertainment, Friday night, Saturday night (ticket only Ashby Big Band & Katie Mustang) Please visit our website or join our Facebook Group for further info

All booking forms are now available to download from our website.


Cheers Stu

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Latest Military Vehicle Entries: www.ywe-event.info for all your booking in forms.

1944 M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer

1944 A27M Cromwell Tank

1943 Diamond T 981 c/w 1943 16 Ton machinery Trailer

1943 White M16 Halftrack

1943 M29 Weasel

1943 Willys Jeep x2

1941 Ford GP Jeep

1943 Dodge WC63 Weapons Carrier

1943 GMC 353 Cargo Truck

1943 Harley Davidson WLA

1939 Scammel Pioneer R100 Artillery Tractor

1944 Scammel Pioneer SV2 Recovery Tractor

1939 Austin K3 GS Truck

1944 Austin K6 Gantry Truck

1944 Bedford MWC Water Bowser

1943 Bedford OY GS Truck

1942 Bedford OY X-Ray Truck

1943 Bedford QL GS Truck

1944 Polston AA Gun

1943 US 37mm Anti-Tank Gun

1944 US M3A4 Handcart

1942 US Stretcher Carrier


1945/1965 Centurion (BARV) Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle

196? Chieftain Main Battle Tank

1955 Scammel Explorer Recovery Truck

1995 Reynolds RB44 Truck

1975 Land Rover 101 Forward Control

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Latest News !!


Hi all, with the increase in military vehicle entries to this year's show. Plus this year, where staging the official Diamond T 75th Anniversary rally. We've decided to only allow 400 military vehicles, to enter this year's event. As we've already recieved 200 plus entries. So if your interested in attending, you'll need to download & send in a vehicle entry form ASAP





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Military Vehicle Bookings are now closed !!

Im pleased to say weve recieved 504 Military Vehicles, are entered into this year's show. Public camping is available, at a cost of £55 for four inc tickets to enter the show Look on our website for further details http://www.ywe-event.info By clicking onto the booking button.


To name a few vehicles Entered


Original ww2 German Stug 111D

23 X Daimond Ts

10 X Daimler Dingos

68 X Wartime British Vehicles

57 X Pieces of Armour

4 X ww1 Vehicles





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Military Vehicle bookings are now closed ! With a final count up, we have an amazing 515 Military Vehicles booked into this year's show 8-10th July 2016 http://www.ywe-event.info Interesting to note, we have the following numbers booked in this year. A full list is available to view on our Facebook Group page (The Yorkshire Wartime Experience) 27 X Diamond Ts representing ever model, apart from one. 10 X Daimler Dingos 17 X Wartime US Armoured/Tracked Vehicles inc Tanks. 70 X Wartime British soft skin/Armoured Vehicles inc Tanks 17 X Wartime/Replica German Vehicles3 X Wartime Russian Vehicles 12 X Postwar Armoured vehicles inc Tanks Cheers Stu

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The Yorkshire Wartime Experience Show 8-10th July 2016 http://www.ywe-event.info Latest News !!

We now have 515 military vehicles booked into this year's show inc the following.


29 Diamond Ts

70 Wartime British Vehicles

14 Wartime German Vehicles

4 First World War vehicles

4 wartime Russian vehicles

10 Daimler Dingos

72 Armoured vehicles

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Not long now till the show 8-10th July 2016 http://www.ywe-event.info

Latest news !!

Final military vehicle count stands at 534 inc 77 Armoured vehicles. This year were pleased to announce, three cruiser tanks are booked into this year's show. Cromwell, Comet & a Charioteer on its first public outing. The YWE show has been chosen to hold the first public appearance of the very rare original German Stug 111 tank. We also have 56 re-enactments groups, and over 55 military/vintage stalls booked into this year's show. Don't miss the North of England's biggest military shows.


Cheers Stu

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