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Combat engineers tractor


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Hi I'm looking for a few spares for a combat engineers tractor such as smoke discharges washboard snatch block two sections a track the front jib that mounts on the bucket And anchor is mounted on the roof or any other bits that are Pacific to the vehicle if anybody could point me in the right direction all knows where I could acquire any of these items that would be great many thanks

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sorry, not to be able to help you with the specific (not Pacific), which I think was predictive typing at your end, but I am able to help in other ways.


If you update your profile you will have your location on the globe fixed and then you might get the "blimey your round the corner mate" replies you so desire.


For instance I have an FV432 discharger (same as Canadian Lynx but not many people know that) but you are likely no where close to me are you?


Anyway, Happy Christmas and good hunting



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