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Landrover Trailer?


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I'm assuming that this is a suitable size for a Landrover to tow? I acquired this with a bunch of stuff including my truck, it was supposed to be big enough for the truck but it looks ridiculous behind an MJ. I want to sell it on and put the money towards a bigger bogied drawbar trailer but before I put up a classified ad can anyone give me an idea of its value? I don't want to be greedy but I could do with a return on it and the funds can go towards my project :)

landrover trailer06.jpg

landrover trailer01.jpg

landrover trailer02.jpg

landrover trailer03.jpg

landrover trailer05.jpg

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Often referred to as a Wolf trailer. I sold one earlier in the year with a WCP (Water Carriage Pack) for £450. So that is a ball park figure for one up together, location of course can have an effect if you have a lower collection of MV enthusiasts in your catchment area.

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