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Tires.. What to do when new ones are hard to find?



So in an ideal world you wouldn't use tires older than 7-10 years on a normal roadcar.. What if that's fairly hard to do because of the tires your MV uses?


My current (Soviet era) tires are due for a replacement , the current set is in pretty much ok condition, new even.. but the vehicle has been standing for 15 years so there is a major flat spot which causes vibrations at 40-50 kph...


I've found NOS ones, which are obviously still fairly old..

Is there a way to freshen up these tires before putting them on? I would not be doing any major mileage with the vehicle (~500km a year max to start with)..


Very interested to hear some thoughts about it :)

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Old tires on MVS are likely to be a lot different than old tires on a regular car. I sure would not drive a regular car at 70MPH for an hour in 90 F temperatures on 20 plus year old tires, as the result would be prodictable. Now l have driven 20+ year, old military tire, 8 plys at 35-40 MPH in 70-80 F in my CMP HUP with no problems, was it just luck?


There is one thing about old military tires the get hard, ride harder, resist wear, or wear like iron and they have about as much traction as iron tires.


One comment that I've heard about old tires both for regular tires and heavy military tires is that when they fail, the failure become catastrophic quickly, they don't just go flat on road they quickly fail completely. Fail completely in that large chunks start flying.


All of my MVs have been driven more miles, by me, on 15-20 year old than on new tires. Couple of years ago one of the guys in our club bought a trailer truck load of brand new 1100x20 military tires directly from manufacturer. Huge savings in cost he passed the savings along to club members who needed them. So for the first time in probably 70 years my two big MVs got new tires. The difference in ride and traction was very noticeable. So noticeable that l bought new 900x16s and told the dealer that l wanted tires dated with in the year or no sale, they checked and actually shipped tires dated within the year.


Will warn you that new tires have better road traction for a reason they wear faster.


As to what do you do if the tires that fit your MV are hard to find or not available, change rims to something that is available. Custom steel rims are now a reasonable alternative. My view is better on the road than sitting on blocks.


Cheers Phil

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What are the options now for ferret tyres? I have original track rip dunlops on mine.

they are somewhat cracked, but all the ones I've ever seen are in a similar condition

i did buy some Turkish (I think) tyres & fitted them, but it rolled like a pig & I refitted the originals

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