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M38A1 Jeep

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Hi there ,

New to this site...

Can anyone help ?

I've just purchased a M38A1 Jeep 1953


It has a lean to the left about 2".. I've bought and installed 2 rear leaf springs but this hasn't made any difference..


Has anyone got any ideas what I need to do ?


Also anyone got ideas what the colour is ? I've been told it maybe Dutch Army but I did purchase this in Belgium and was told it came from the Belgium Army... Nato Green is one surgestion.






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I should have probably mentioned the factory is likely noted on the VIN tag.


Bit confused ? Where or what is the VIN tag ?


As this is my first Jeep - can any one help with the issue of the jeep leaning to one side even after I've replaced the rear springs...


Also the numbers on the bonnet ! do they mean anything or are they random numbers copied from another jeep just to make it look US Army ?


Many Thanks



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It could be bad springs , however - what I suggest.


Slack off rear spring fixings , front & rear (shackle plates) , grease the bolts with graphite grease.


Place abt. 1/2 payload on tub , paving slabs , 50 kg bags sand / cement etc. Water weight in kegs , must be evenly distributed fore/aft port s'board.


Bit of nip on fixings & drive round the block a few times. Return & secure bolts to full torque with tub still loaded.


Try and get the vehicle on a good flat concrete floor (often a factory is good).


Does it look level ? Straight batten & known sound spirit level across tub , check against floor as datum.


Measure floor to U of wheel arch / axle case top to underside of chassis / compare..

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Hi there,


Thanks for the info... will try this weekend and have a go ...


I keep getting told most jeeps lean to one side anyway ? Is this true ?



Still looking for bits to add to jeep . Can anyone advise on best place to get a bumper rope , really want the authentic type ...


Lean , can't see how unless a chassis is bent. They do twist - so always check for unequal spring shackle plates used as a cheat to level out.


Early civilian CJ's such as CJ3 & long production run CJ5 had either front or rear springs (as did military M38 types), same spring fitted nearside or offside on same axle. Unlike a Land Rover spring , different Part No. & curvature for each corner (that on a public highway camber makes the lean look even worse (that is if the springs are sound)..

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